FileMaker Development

FileMaker is the tool we use to build unique solutions tailored to how you want run your business. We chose FileMaker because it’s quick to develop in, results in robust solutions, and provides huge flexibility to keep on growing and enhancing over the long run. If you want to be in control, to own the system that runs your business and just basically do it your way, then a FileMaker solution is the answer.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of FileMaker and SQL database services that focus either on improving an existing database or creating a new one from scratch. After decades of completing hundreds of successful FileMaker database projects, we have seen and solved a wide range of database challenges.

Custom FileMaker Solutions

Our company is focused on building unique, relevant, dependable systems that fit your specific business requirements.


Our breadth of FileMaker knowledge can help fine-tune your database to handle more users or run more smoothly; we are often contacted to extend the life of a system or help turn a proof-of-concept into a robust workgroup database.


Dealing with older versions of FileMaker is one of our specialities: we have worked with every version of FileMaker Pro and have the necessary software and experience to bring your database up-to-date. We have a well-defined process for bringing FileMaker Pro 6 and earlier versions to the current .fmp13 file format and know what pitfalls to avoid.

Publish your FileMaker Solution to the web

We are very experienced with the FileMaker API for PHP and provide powerful solutions for publishing FileMaker on the web. We expertly integrate your existing FileMaker database solution into your website.

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PayPal and eCommerce

Working with PayPal and other payment processors can be tricky: we’ve tied database systems to a variety of APIs and can help reduce both errors and time spent integrating eCommerce and web services into your FileMaker-based web site.

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